Welcome to Porchlight.

There are many ways to tell stories. There is the old-fashioned way: aloud. We also have songs, books, paintings, photographs, television, film, video games, and websites. Each of these has its advantages, offering different ways of interacting with narrative. When putting together Porchlight, we had a few goals in mind:

  • Accessibility: We wanted to create a literary magazine that could be enjoyed anywhere in the world.
  • Environmental Impact: We wanted to minimize the environmental impact of the art we publish. If we created paperback copies of our magazine, we would be wasting paper, glue, ink, postage, and envelopes. With modern technology, it is unnecessary to print pamphlets (so to speak) to disseminate information and art. Therefore we have opted to publish Porchlight as a PDF. For readers who choose to enjoy Porchlight on their computer or iPad, a PDF mimics the feel of a document. For readers who wish to read Porchlight paper-in-hand, a PDF can be printed for the road.
  • Design: Unlike many literary magazines, Porchlight is not simply a black-text-on-white-paper publication. The PDF format enables us to present our contributors’ work in full color design, blurring the line between narrative and art.

Porchlight is a literary magazine for the 21st century.

  • Porchlight is free.
  • Porchlight is 100% online.
  • Porchlight can be read, perused, ogled, and cursed from your computer or iPad, or you can print a copy for yourself.
  • Porchlight is not your basic black-text-on-white-paper literary magazine. It has colors. And pictures. And kick-ass design.

But more than all this, Porchlight is first and foremost about storytelling, and we hope that this and upcoming issues will inspire you to interact with the written word in a whole new way.


LJ Pemberton (née LJ Moore) (Editor-in-Chief) is a writer / artist / futurist currently living in Los Angeles, California. Her stories, essays, and poetry have been featured in PANK, the Electric Encyclopedia of Experimental LiteratureHobartVICE, the Brooklyn Rail, and elsewhere. She has an MFA from Columbia University and is formerly an assistant editor at NOON. Her short story, Husbandry, is the winner of the 2018 short fiction contest of the Los Angeles Review.

Her (now defunct) podcast with Victoria Davis, Livin’ and Lovin’ in NYC, has been featured in the Village Voice, Savage Love, WNYC, Thrillist and FILTHY.

Check out her newest project here: the Bureau of Complaint. Follow her on Twitter @ljabouttown.

Joshua Liebowitz (Assistant Editor) is an artist and poet based in New York. He has studied with Rodrigo Toscano and is interested in the physiological manifestations of poetics in reader and listener. His work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions around the world. Find out more: joshualiebowitz.com.

Dave Moore (Designer) is a graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon who has worked on a range of accounts from Habitat for Humanity to Starbucks. He loves using his mad design skills for bettering the cultural good. More of his work can be found here. His latest project, Corridor Magazine, is forthcoming.